Heinz Hautzinger  (Hg.): Freizeitmobilitätsforschung. Theoretische und methodische Ansätze. Mannheim 2003 (Studien zur Mobilitäts- und Verkehrsforschung 4). 118 S.
In the current volume of the series "Studies on Mobility and Transport Research", the lectures of a workshop, which were held in 2002 in Mannheim under the title of "Theoretical Explanation and empirical Evaluation on Leisure Mobility", are compiled.
As leisure mobility has increasingly developed into a significant topic of mobility research, there is even an idiosyncratic promotional focus, namely leisure transport of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), which comprises six projects. The workshop was part of the promotional joint project ALERT (normal (daily) and adventure (experimental) leisure) promoted by the BMBF, one of six projects from the promotional focus namely leisure transport.
In the framework of two demo projects the "Cospudener See (Cospuden Lake)", south of Leipzig and the "Landesgartenschau Ostfildern 2002 (2002 State Horticultural Show in Ostfildern (Baden Württemberg))", concrete courses of action and measures on the impact of mobility behaviour are implemented and applied according to the application-oriented principle. These measures are tested and assessed, among other things, via on-site analyses of its impact. According to an outline of these two demos, sample-theoretical and census-technical aspects of surveys at the location of activity, as well as the evaluation of leisure-mobility-related measures, are dealt with in a methodical way. Further contributions have as their topic theoretical perspectives of leisure mobility, particularly concerning leisure motives and activities, as well as habits and routines in leisure mobility.
The current volumes summarises the level of knowledge in the project ALERT with regard to the theoretical explanation and empirical evaluation of leisure mobility. In the course of intensive research on leisure mobility, it was clear that theoretical explanation approaches and possibilities of the empirical evaluation in this relatively new research field are hitherto only compiled rudimentarily. The current volume mainly serves to fill these gaps.
Autor: Thomas J. Mager
Quelle: Erdkunde, 62. Jahrgang, 2008, Heft 2, S. 179-180